Joe LoRe' Television Broadcast Specialist
NBC ABC CBS Nickelodeon MTV WNJU-TV ComcastCrawford



Joe/TK44 Atlanta
New York                                          "Sesame Street" camera operator seasons 10 through 14.                         Atlanta

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Production / Client
2008-Current Tv-47 Web Television Station General Manager
2005-2007 Television Production Studio Design & Operations Consultant
Consultant Comcast Atlanta PEG Channel, Master Control operations.
Video Control Crawford Communications for NBC The Martha Stewart Show, Season premier
NBC The Today Show Georgia Aquarium
1997-2004 Broadcast Systems Consultant ... "The Airport Channel".."Pitney Bowes Television"
1995-1997 Atlanta Video Production Center (now Artisan PictureWorks) Studio Design / Management
1990-1995 WVEU-TV (now The CW) Studio Operations Manager
1990-1995 MTV Concert Series / News MTV Location Manager / Crew Chief
Hotie & the Blowfish
Culture Club
Elton John
Camera Operator
1984-1985 The Catlins TBS Studio Operations/Engineering Manager
1983-1984 Reeves Tele-Tape Studio Camera Operator
Search For Tomorrow NBC
David Bowie "Fashion" Music Video
Love Sidney NBC Tony Randall
Livewire Nickelodeon Fred Newman , R.E.M.
The Great Space Coaster Nickelodeon Ed Sullivan Theater
The Merv Griffin Show CBS

Sesame Street PBS Studio Camera Operator
The Muppets, Jim Henson , Frank Oz , R2D2, 3CPO Anthony Daniels , Buffie StMarie, Cab Callaway , Imagine Coca , Ethel Merman , Itzhak Perlman , Chet O'Brien

1977 The Soap Factory Director, Five camera on-location dance show
Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Stepanie Mills Linda Clifford, Grace Jones, Ashford & Simpson, Melba Moore, GQ
The Nightowel Host, Interview talk show
1965-1973 WNJU-TV Technical Director / Studio Engineering Supervisor
The Doors , John Zacherley Irene Cara Pete Seeger
1964 ABC Studio Engineer
The Price is Right, Ritz Theater, New York
The Young Set
Phyllis Newman
NBC Studio Engineer
Huntley-Brinkley Report Chet Huntley-David Brinkley
Industry Related Education
RCA Institute TV Studio School, NYC
School of Broadcasting, NYC

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